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shopmode fashion boutique brings you the latest trends in women's fashion + accessories + shoes + gifts. 

shopmode.fashion was founded in 2016 by Oklahoma native, Amanda Lee.  After graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in business entrepreneurship, Amanda fulfilled her lifelong dream of opening a women's fashion boutique in the bustling city of OKC.  

a word from Amanda:

Mode is my way of helping make the world a better, kinder, more friendly (and fashionable) place. My mission is to connect with people, while using fashion as the unifying force – people, fashion, kindness.  It’s very important to me that people receive a warm greeting as soon as they walk in the door. We never want to be overbearing, but we want to help find that perfect outfit, gift, pair of shoes, etc. We want to make it easy for the customer. I believe in making real connections and having good conversations. I stress this aspect of creating relationships to my girls because to me that is truly the most important thing. If we are providing good products and service along with kindness, the rest will come. 

Mode’s buying decisions are based on a mixture of listening to the customer, knowledge, and homework with a heavy dose of instinct. I am continually learning my customer and how to be a better buyer as the business grows!

I want customers to find that outfit that makes them feel beautiful and confident, to leave mode feeling better than when they walked in. I want people to feel comfortable, no pressure, come as you are. Meet my awesome girls, they all have really sweet hearts, a good core and are willing to assist in any way. I choose them all carefully and thoughtfully. Meet my dog, Simba, he gives customers kisses and makes them fall in love. I believe customers enjoy the laid back and comfortable atmosphere we create. We might be playing Christian music, Shania Twain or whatever is mood boosting that day- we play it all!


1227 N Walker Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
email: hello@shopmode.fashion
phone: 405.601.3895