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taylormade x mode boutique | handmade jewelry in OKC

If we've learned anything about OKC, it's that they love supporting local businesses. The support for all of our local brands have been so strong and we are constantly in awe of the way the community flocks to them.

That’s why this week we wanted to highlight taylormade jewelry, a line created by a talented local college student that we have seen customers buying by the handful. One of our top sellers are the tassel earrings; they make the perfect gift. When they hear the story behind this fashion forward line, people tend to grab a couple more on their way to the checkout.

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best seller! taylormade tassel earring

“To be honest, I didn't really think about how far I would take taylormade when I started creating jewelry. It all started when I had a tassel necklace in mind and thought I'd give it a try. I went to Hobby Lobby, a trip that would soon become a daily occurrence ... and followed along with a 'DIY beaded tassel necklace' I found on Pinterest. Soon, requests came flooding in from my friends and the rest is history!” Taylor Vu, the creator of the brand and self-described “proud Oklahoman!” told us. She also emphasized what a huge inspiration her friends have been to her. She has even named pieces after the friend whose individual style it embodies.

Amber boho choker

amber choker, black

“I also keep an eye out for different trends that rotate through local boutiques and stores. Chokers and wraps have been so hot lately, I don't see an end to them any time soon!” she explained, when asked how she incorporated trends into her work. “For anyone who is ever nervous to try new trends, I say just have fun with it. Accessories and clothing should never be intimidating! They are a way of showcasing your personality, so choose items that simply make you feel confident in yourself and work from there. Confidence is what transforms an outfit from meh to amazing! With taylormade, I've focused on creating quality, affordable pieces that can be worn several different ways that adjust to different styles! So don't be afraid to express yourself and try new things.”

druzy wrap choker, black

Taylor is also as excited about the local support for small businesses as we are. “I've been able to see up close how welcoming locals are towards other locals. Mode was my first wholesale order, and they've been a great example of how much we love small businesses here in Oklahoma. Small businesses are constantly encouraging and promoting each other and it's great to see. Because of this, I try my best to only order pieces from other small businesses across the country in support of small businesses like taylormade.” That mentality pours into every part of the taylormade experience. Taylor hand delivers the goods and her passion makes her a dream to work with.

When asked if she had any advice for a young person wanting to start his or her own business, we weren’t surprised to see her answer was sprinkled with that same passion that makes her line so special. “So, my advice to people out there who are thinking about starting something of their own is to go into it wholeheartedly, find your passion, find a healthy balance in all the things you may be juggling, and don't be afraid. It definitely gets overwhelming at times, but I've learned a lot throughout this journey. As long as you remain driven and have an incredible support system, there's no limit to what you can do.”

We couldn’t agree more! Stop by mode to get your hands on some of these gorgeous pieces that are truly taylormade.

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1227 N walker Ave.
OKC, OK 73103
Monday-Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 10:30am-6pm
Sunday 1pm-5pm


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