Christmas is around the corner, which means you need some gift ideas for that special someone! So we created this list of stocking stuffers that they are sure to love!

Starting off the list with: a classic beanie

Beanies are a gift that will never go out of style!

classic beanie. colorful beanie. neutral beanie. gift.


Next up: fuzzy socks

Stay cozy and cute all winter long!

fuzzy socks. present. gift. cozy. loungewear



Jewelry is one size fits all. We have so many jewelry options from rings, to necklaces, to bracelets!

jewelry. rings. gold jewelry.

Almost all of the jewelry we carry is either gold plated or stainless steel. This means they will last longer and are slow to tarnish!


Speaking of jewelry, they are going to need something to carry it in. Look no further than this “bits and pieces” jewelry holder.

jewelry holder. jewelry. travel case. travel jewelry holder


Who doesn't want to go into the new year with amazing skin? Get your loved one some soothing eye gels.

eye gels. skincare. self care. skincare products.


A candle is another great stocking stuffer and we have plenty where that came from, but a current fav is the tin candles!

candles. home decor. homegoods.


To go with the candles, a USB lighter is a candle lovers dream!

usb lighter. candle lighter. matches.


To finish off the stocking, you can't go wrong with a journal! 

journal. writing. journalist. writer.


Gift giving made easy. All products are linked for easy shopping convenience or come see us in the heart of Midtown OKC! 


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