4.23.16– six years ago Amanda opened the doors of mode and lives were changed forever. what started as a dream, became even better with reality.

the vision and hope when creating mode was for it to be a welcoming environment that women would feel loved, seen & heard when they walked through the doors. the mission behind mode goes deeper than just clothes, our hope is to connect with people through fashion with kindness. we’ve had so many precious encounters & created meaningful relationships with customers who have become like family to us! 

on saturday we celebrated our sixth trip around the sun — what a blessing! mode has made it through trials and come out better on the other side. a global pandemic couldn’t even stop us & for that we’re so grateful! 

the party was centered around the theme “radiate kindness,” which has kind of turned into our mantra. one thing about us is we love a good neutral palette, so of course the colors of the party had to match!

radiate kindness, rainbow arch, kindness quote


we had sweet treats, speciality drinks, permanent bracelets, a floral bar and oh… did we mention epic balloon art?!

rainbow, balloon design, balloon art, sunrise

this balloon sunrise was about 15 feet wide and 9 feet tall…crazy right? an amazing local balloon artist took our radiate kindness logo and brought it to life! if you’re planning a party/event she is your girl! her instagram is @bloons

we had so many friendly faces come out and celebrate with us. here’s just a couple pictures of all the fun! 

wedding, wedding colors, wedding party, bride and groom

we met the sweetest couple that just got married and happened to have the same colors as our sunrise!

free mode totes with purchase and of course all the flowers!

another sweet custom balloon from the best — @bloons

floral bar, flowers, party favor

our floral bar was a huge hit, i mean who doesn’t love flowers!

just know, if you’ve ever stepped through our doors or ordered online — you’ve impacted our lives. we could never thank you all enough for your continued support!

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