not-so-new year's resolutions

not-so-new year's resolutions

it's about that time ladies.


we're a month into 2021 + all of those goals that we set to start on january 1 may not be happening 25 days in... but not to worry girl. because that is NOT what we're talking about today.


last year changed the way that we live, work and think in this world! so instead of making HUGE goals, we're here to remind you that even the smallest resolution can make a huge impact in your life or someone else's.


whether it's drinking more water, journaling, self-care/love, us girls at mode wanted to give you some small ideas of how to impact your 2021.

Work/Life Balance

Last year more than ever, the work life balance was put to the test. Work began to blend into time at home + life became more about remote working than anything else. LET'S CHANGE THAT THIS YEAR. Even something as small as implementing a new organizational method, like a calendar or planner, can help you to leave work at work, and make time for yourself or loved ones at home! 

Discover A New Skill/Hobby

Now is the BEST time to be learning a new skill or hobby you've been wanting to try! But the key is, don't overload yourself. Don't put pressure on yourself to do this new skill or hobby every day. That's what will burn you out to the point of just turning back to Netflix or your phone in your free time. You've got this!


Whether it's at the beginning of the day or the end of the day, journaling is our own personal free therapy. Step 1: find your method of journaling. I have friends who HATE writing with a pen. Your hand gets tired + it's just not fun. There is NOTHING wrong with having an online journal! Download an app or start your own Word document to start journaling your thoughts and day. Prioritize writing about the things that make you most happy + that you are most grateful for!

Being Present in the Moment

2020 flew by in my mind. I was so eager to get through the year and to 2021 that I let an entire YEAR slip by. One of my more attainable goals for 2021? I want to be present. Limit my phone screen time so I am more aware of what's going on around me. Pray against worry + stress. Be more focused on what's happening today than tomorrow. Out of all of these "resolutions", this is probably the hardest, because it starts in your thoughts. But ladies, we've GOT this!

What are your 2021 resolutions? Comment down below!

We hope you've had the greatest first month of 2021! Reminder: if you've slacked a little bit on those resolutions you made on January 1, IT'S OK! Resolutions are for growing this year, not pressuring ourselves to just be better! We love you + are grateful for you!


xoxo mode babes

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