how to instagram! locations + poses + more!

how to instagram! locations + poses + more!

hey babes! us girls at mode LOVE our wednesday mornings! each week, we have our models + photographer come in to shoot all of our new arrivals that go up on the website, as well as get some new content for our pretty mode feed! we wanted to share some of our favorite tips + tricks for having your own photoshoot to brighten up your feed, as well as share some of our favorite mode babe photoshoot locations!

- go in with a clear vision! your time may be limited by the sun, your schedule, or how many outfits you have to get through! every tuesday, we plan out our photo inspiration, outfits, location... anything that we are wanting to get for our feed so that we can get it all finished! go on pinterest + instagram and save some photo inspiration of shots you are inspired by so you can look back at them during the shoot!

plan your locations! finding the perfect background is an important part of a photoshoot! you want to make sure you have something unique enough that it catches the eye of someone scrolling through instagram, but not too much that it takes away from the subject of your photo. but it can be hard in oklahoma city, so we're going to share some of our favorite spots with you:

1. tennis court/basketball court. take everyday locations like these and use them for some really cute outfits! we found this tennis court at the goodholm park on 26th street, and shot an athleisure outfit as well as a floral top to create some cool contrast. your outfits don't need to be sporty for an athletic location! as for the basketball court, this one was at the mckinley park on mckinley avenue.  we used a slightly sportier but casual outfit for this one! we were so excited with how they turned out!

2. colorful + unique walls! one of our favorite things to find is a new fun + colorful wall in oklahoma city! as a women's clothing store in oklahoma, we've collected some of our favorites. first up is the classen inn on the corner of classen and 8th! it's been newly renovated with super colorful floors + walls. we are obsessed with the flooring underneath their little patio! next is a bright + bold green wall located on harvey and 6th! this really cool location has a few different shades of green to choose from, and even a cuter turquoise to shoot in front of as well! and last but not least is our newest find on classen and 4th, that features a really cool turquoise tile wall as well as a cutout wall! 

3. florals + plants! one of our favorite things is finding pretty new florals + succulents to shoot in front of and add a little pop of color or nature to our feed! keep an eye out for pretty nature shots like this one on hudson and 11th!

4. go on a location drive! drive around places like the plaza district, paseo district, and downtown to find unique walls and spots to shoot! don't discount somewhere you think is too different, you have no idea what a good outfit can do!

- photo tips + poses! "what do i do with my hands?" "how should i stand?" taking cute photos can be harder than we think until we're actually in the moment!

1. bring a prop to your photoshoot, like a bouquet of flowers, a pair of sunglasses, a bag, or wear a wide brim hat to create some cool motion in your pictures! all of these items will give your hands something to do + add some fun detail to a shot!

2. create motion in your photos by taking some walking pictures, or if you're wearing a flowy dress or skirt use your hands and hips to move it around! fun and easy motion can also loosen you up and make your pictures come out more natural!

3. use depth in your photos to create a different photo than just a straight on shot. we love having our models get on the ground + we shoot from above, or our photographer gets on the ground as our model stands on a high wall! you can get some amazing and different shots that create such a fun feed!

we hope you feel so inspired after reading this post! get out there + be creative! 

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