There’s no reason why you can’t look and feel your best even when the temperatures plunge. Continue reading below as we check out some of the winter fashion looks that check all your boxes: cozy, weather appropriate, and stylish.

Preppy Cozy

Even in the wintertime, you can still rock a preppy outfit without becoming a complete ice cube. Pair a pleated plaid skirt of your choice with thick stockings to start. Then, you can add on a chunky knit sweater to the top, and finish off the look with a heavy and structured coat and wow-worthy leather boots.


Not only will you look runway ready in this outfit, but you’ll also have plenty of layers to shield you from the elements–even in a skirt!

60’s Style Outfit

Another trendy take on winter apparel is to take inspiration from decades past–the 60’s, specifically. You don’t have to completely bundle up and throw style to the curb just because it’s wintertime.


Embrace the mod era by putting on a simple black mini skirt and sweater to instantly elevate your winter style with coziness and sophistication. Next, throw on some knee-high black boots and an oversized fur coat as the finishing touches to this classic winter ensemble.

Monochrome Sweatsuit

To really maximize your comfort levels this winter while still looking totally stylish and chic, go for a monochrome sweatsuit with clean lines and good structure, topped with a long trench coat in a similar color.


You can even pair a nice pair of gray sweatpants with a tight-fitting gray bodysuit or bustier underneath for an added touch of elegance.

Layers, Layers, Layers

It may seem like an obvious move in the winter, but layering up your clothing can be an easy way to make sure you’re staying stylish, warm, and comfortable.


You can layer incorrectly and end up looking too bulky, so you’ll want to use the proper layers to ensure you look fabulous. For most winter days, two or three layers will do. Start with the thinnest layer on the bottom like a thermal, cashmere sweater, or turtleneck in a technically fabric that will trap in desired heat.


On top, you can throw on your favorite sweater, and on the really cold days, pair this with a jacket or loose flannel on top for an added level of heat and comfort. You can go for a monochrome look here, like we discussed above, or blend different fabrics and patterns to brighten up a winter day.

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